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About The Silent E

Creating a compelling visual narrative that captures the essence of your wines — and the stories behind them — can be as nuanced as making the wine itself. At The Silent E we help wineries tell their stories and promote their products through engaging motion graphics, 3D animation and purposeful design.

With a curated network of expert collaborators, we take projects from concept and art direction through production and post-production, designing with purpose and intention to capture the spirit of your brand and inspire your audience.

"I've always wanted to help people tell their stories through 3D animation and I love that my work allows me to do that."

About Alae

I’m Alae — an award-winning motion designer and Creative Director of The Silent E Inc., a wine-focused creative studio collaborating with clients all over the world. I founded The Silent E with the intent to combine my own expertise with a network of talented freelancers in order to bring innovative designs to the wine industry. And that’s exactly what we're doing, crafting unique and memorable visual identities for wineries and brands.

What’s in a name?
I named The Silent E Inc. to reflect my personal philosophy of listening more than speaking when getting to know the needs of my clients — and because as a visual designer and creator I naturally prefer to let the visuals do the talking. Also, the “e” at the end of my name is silent. I’m the only person I know who spells it this way and incorporating  this anomaly into my business name was an inspired no-brainer.

Turning ideas into art
A self-taught designer and motion graphics animator (with help from an amazing online community of like-minded artists and human beings), I’ve been fortunate to have over a decade of experience in creating show packages and engaging graphics for TV and broadcast. My approach to visualization, conceptual motion design and artistic execution has earned me the reputation for intelligent, purposeful composition and engaging 3D motion graphics. This, along with my reliability, responsiveness and empathy enables me to bring my clients’ vision to life-like video reality.

My end credits
Prior to launching The Silent E, I established and honed my design and animation skills in my home country, Lebanon. And since moving across the pond I’ve had the pleasure of working with stellar organizations like Sportsnet and Klick Inc., and even received a Telly Award (honoring excellence in video and television across all screens) for my collaboration with Levitate and Carmel Road Winery and the innovative techniques I used.

I live in Toronto with my wife and seven year-old and when I’m not immersed in design and animation you’ll find me working on miniature models or doing improv.