27 February 2010

on a saturday

Some of the things I'm loving on this last Saturday in February:

1. Clean, cold water in a huge mason jar. And all the privilege that such a thing implies.
2. Radio 2 in the morning. Radio 2 in the evening.
3. Hot coals in the wood stove from the night before.
4. Being in the alpine surrounded by white.
5. Laughing with my man.
6. Hot hot hot showers.
7. Soul. And people who can leave it all on stage. Like Matt Anderson singing I'm On Fire.
8. Making sourdough pizza with cilantro pesto.
9. Eating sourdough pizza.
10. Tired muscles and a calm mind.

26 February 2010

built for two

I love sifting through the old stuff and finding images I'd passed by the first time around. Such was the case with this one. From a narrow little alley in Lijiang, China.

24 February 2010

somewhere warm

It hasn't been snowing here. Which makes being here a little less exciting. Which makes me think about where we would go if we went on a winter holiday to some warm place. This shot I took on the way back from Nica last May makes me think Cuba would be a good answer to the hypothetical question. Yes. To Cuba. That's where we would go.

02 February 2010

leila texts

I sat down to do some blogging today and randomly decided to hit the 'next blog' button in the top navigation bar. You know, because I'm having a very focused day.

I found Leila. And a bunch of funny and bizarre text messages that Leila gets through a fluke in the Verizon text messaging system.

You really must check out the next blog: The Leila Texts.