12 September 2009


I have never had an opportunity to shoot with infrared film. But I always liked the idea of a film able to see what we can't. And I like the look of infrared photos, the dark sky, the unusual colors, the surreal look. So I've taken to trying to recreate that look with the help of my friend, Photoshop. Here's the first attempt.

The name means below red, from the Latin word for below, infra. Red is the color of the longest wavelengths of visible light. Infrard light has a longer wavelength and a lower frequency than that of red light, hence below.

03 September 2009

canal flats

Somehow I'm still driving away from Golden every Monday morning before the crack of dawn. This month I'm heading south on my Monday morning drives, rather than East to Banff. It's been a welcome change of scenery, keeping the time on the road fresh.

One of the jewels of the drive is through Canal Flats, the headwaters of the mighty Columbia River. I like following the river all the way north and back home again on Thursday evenings like this one. I think about what it might be like to make the trip by canoe rather than car. I'll let you know when I find out.