30 April 2009

colors exhibit

You may recall that last winter I did a little series here on this blog called COLORS. I just finished showing a body of work inspired entirely by that series. The show was at the Other Gallery at the Banff Centre, and it was a slightly frightening and entirely rewarding experience. In addition to showing 10 pieces (each consisting of 9 photos), I hung 90 2.5 inch photos on the wall for people to sift through and take the one they liked best. The idea was inspired by Lissa. She's super smart. That turned out to be my favorite part of the show, seeing what certain individuals wanted to go home with.

Here is what I had posted on the wall to explain all these random and colorful shots:

This little project started last winter, born out of a lack of motivation to pick up my camera. Spoiled by the excitement of travel and new places, I was uninspired to photograph the everyday. And so I gave myself an assignment. One color per day for 10 days. On the day devoted to yellow, I nearly drove off the road trying to shoot the school bus in front of me. I couldn't wait to shoot my favorite sneaks on the day for green. White was everywhere. Pink was harder to find.

This most recent working of the project includes photos from before and after that initial period of intensely colorful shooting. But each of these pieces has at least a few shots from the original self assignment. Some of the photos reflect everyday life, time spent close to home, and the things I see all the time. Some speak to a more adventurous traveling lifestyle, fleeting moments, unusual sights. Together they are a journal, my visual diary of last year.

26 April 2009

relief leaf

Like a relief map, but a leaf. Pretty cool, eh?

25 April 2009

mountain culture

A morning planning session at the Dave White Hut, BC. March 2008.

24 April 2009


Can you even imagine a better hyphenated name? I know I can't.

Still going through old photos around here . . .

23 April 2009


From last summer. Or was it two summers ago? Clearly I have been away from the sea for too long. And from these fine people, mysteries though they may be.

20 April 2009

with wings

A painting at the Mu Mansion in Lijiang, China.

15 April 2009


From the back streets of old Lijiang, just off the main tourist thoroughfares. Where the locals shop. November 2007.

14 April 2009

lighting jesse

Look for him. He's on his way up. Or you might see him hitching a ride to his next busking opportunity. Jesse Byers, and the boy's got soul.

12 April 2009

easter at the horse

Easter celebrations at Kicking Horse aren't what you might expect. There were likely egg hunts going on nearby, but the primary focus of everyone's attention this morning was the Slush Cup. Scantily clad skiers and boarders lined up for their opportunity to hurl themselves into a specially crafted pool of icy cold, murky water. Some hoped to skim their way across the surface with as much momentum as they could muster, others set their sights on pulling big tricks on their way to the icy water, much to the amusement of many a looker-on.

Even the on-lookers are sources of amusement on a day like this, the closing day of the ski season at the Horse. The one-piece ski suits or Tigger costumes or tiny pink dresses come out of the closet for closing day.

One older gentleman pointed out to me that no other set of sports enthusiast gets so excited about the end of their season. Any excuse for a party.

11 April 2009

08 April 2009

lighting two

Jane brought her little girl into the studio the other day, kindly offering me a new class of lighting challenge. And a whole new level of comedy. It was a short shoot, with a lot of missed moments, but there were a few that shall be remembered with the help of some photographs.

06 April 2009

waiting for this

To be able to lie in cool green grass under the full parasol of a leafy tree high above. This is for what I wait.

01 April 2009

lighting will

I debated whether or not to include his name in the post. The career shift from rugby player to model isn't an easy one, and Will isn't about to broadcast the news that he's been approached by an agency to his crew of mates. But I figure the chances of any of his fellow players happening upon the silent e are pretty slim. Your secret is safe with us, Will. And if all else fails, we'll call it all a crazy April Fool's Day gag. Gotcha.