30 July 2008

cueva volcánica

Walked through a lava tube the other day. Raining and snowing outside, walls that appeared to be dripping chocolate inside. Walked 250 meters into the ground, turned the lights out and there was nothing for your eyes to see.

26 July 2008

24 July 2008

el invierno

And now back to this. Blue skies and knee deep powder.

23 July 2008

karina & billy

The photos are finally ready, uploaded and available for viewing and purchasing. Please follow this link to check them out.

22 July 2008

isadora goyenachea

A street in Santiago.

20 July 2008

last days of summer

I had only one request for my extended layover. Let me swim. As much as possible and in the warmest water possible. My people pulled through and I spent my personal last day of summer submerged in or riding atop the summery waters of Watts Bar Lake in Tennessee. Good friends, entertaining dogs, and the rush of an all new way to appreciate water. Nothing but a smile and any number of sore muscles on the plane.

18 July 2008

this is idaho

A title stolen from a comical but still imaginary column to be written one day by my Idaho friends. But until they send the idea into syndication, it suits this particular photo blog especially well.

17 July 2008

straw bale charm

I'd been hearing about Sarah's funky new home since she moved in over a year ago. I finally got to see it the other night. The house was built with straw bale construction and mostly recycled building materials. It had a decor that included purple snakes winding around entire rooms, but has been toned down into nothing but class by Sarah and Pete. I fell in love with the place, with the cozy interior, the open addition that is begging to have book after book read in it, the sauna, the wood-fired hot-tub, the studio full of natural light, the whole package.

16 July 2008

yurt life

Taiga and Sean aren't afraid of a little hard work. And that's what they pour into their amazing yurt palace on the west side of the Tetons. Better enjoyed in the summer months? Perhaps. Especially with all the flowers blooming.

A most pleasant composting toilet experience.

Sean's biodiesel operation.

15 July 2008

all dressed up

She searched long and hard for the dress. Borrowed the shoes and necklace. Carried her grandmother's purse. She looked like a model (and didn't even break an ankle in the crazy heals).

12 July 2008

planet palate

This new little organic café is based on ideals that are almost as strong as the recipes. All organic, sometimes live or vegan or both, often international, always made from scratch, and definitely delicious.

I spent a few weeks filling the gaps in the kitchen staff schedule. I saw the passion of the owner, Amy Young, the high standards of her new chef, Deanna Waters, the freshness of their ingredients, the whole element of all the food passed through to the front of the house. The typical waste created by an average restaurant is discouraging to say the least. At the Planet, every last bit of worthy food is worked into specials and experimental recipes, scraps into soup stocks, and the unsalvageables go home with Amy to compost in her garden.

But there is some question as to the future of this little gem. Amy takes the daily hurdles of starting a business in stride, yet the challenges inherent with owning a restaurant in what is perceived to be a niche market are not so easily overcome. People see the word 'vegan' anywhere on the menu and fail to notice the exquisite organic lamb curry or bison burger. They shy away from 'raw' foods when not already familiar with the food trend. They cringe at the cost of an all organic fresh-squeezed juice.

Luckily the folks that recognize good food, and have a little change in their pockets, are already some of the strongest supporters of Planet Palate. Lisa from New York wrote up her experience at the café on www.yelp.com in a rave review: We ended the evening with whole grain cookies: lavender coconut and a cashew thing that was from heaven. We were so happy, we are about to go back for breakfast. Everything here is made with the freshest ingredients and with an eye toward health and well being. Smack in the middle of downtown but not the least bit touristy. Here's hoping that others will spread the word as well.

Lentil tacos on sprouted corn tortillas with a side of steamed kale. The 'sour cream' and creamy ancho chile sauce are both vegan,
but you'd never guess it.

10 July 2008

the spud

There is something magical about a drive-in theater. A window into times gone-by perhaps, the experience is one that I always look forward to. The classic burger/shake/fries options at the Spud all seem as legitimate as any fast food place might have been in the 60's. People park their oversized Idaho trucks with the beds facing the screen, lawn chairs and blankets ready for the show. The air is cool but full of smells of summer, and the show doesn't start until after sunset at 9:30. Kids cartwheel on the bed of grass just below the screen to kill time, sparked by the unusual energy of the drive-in.

07 July 2008

lake solitude

The weather was excellent, the company most entertaining. But the snow, the lake hiding under a thick blanket, the winter still lingering in the mountains was hard to grasp at the beginning of July. But then, June didn't really feel like summer at all. The season of sunshine and sweat came with some trepidation this year, shy about nudging the dominating snow of the previous season on.

03 July 2008

maine summer

The summer in Maine can be unpredictable; maybe sunny, muggy, buggy, foggy, and sometimes downright cold. But regardless of the weather, it always seems to be a bit magical. I was terribly excited to get a week of that magic this year.